Will We See an AVENGERS Style STAR WARS Movie Universe!?

Yesterday was a huge day in movie geek history. Disney purchased LucasFilm from George Lucas for over $4 billion and announced that we will be getting a new Star Wars movie every two years starting in 2015 with episodes 7, 8, and 9. 

There weren't a lot of details at the time on where the story would go, but there's been a lot of speculation as to what it could be, who would star in it, and who would direct it. It seems like a lot of fans want to see an adaptation of Timothy Zahn's 'Thrawn Trilogy', but it doesn't sound like that's what's going to happen .

E! Online has learned from a source at Lucasfilm that the new films won't be an adaptation of the books. Their source says that "it's an original story," which is still fine by me. I Loved Zahn's books, but I'm definitely up for more original Star Wars awesomeness! I want to see something that I haven't seen or read before. 

What even cooler, is that THR is reporting that there's a possibility we will see an Avengers style movie universe with not only Lucas' planned final trilogy of films, but offshoot movies that will focus on individual characters! That my friends could be huge! It's an epic idea that I would love to see put into play! What Star Wars fan wouldn't want to see that!?  

What do you think about this craziness? Do you like the idea of original Star Wars content, and building up the franchise the same way Marvel has?  

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