BORDERLANDS 2 - Handsome Jack Looks Extremely Lifelike in This Artist's Illustration

It's no surprise that Borderlands 2 has been the hit game that everyone has been playing the last few weeks. The main antagonist is Handsome Jack, who is both funny as all ever in the game, but also out to kill you.

Sheridan Johns has created this amazing lifelike portrait of Handsome Jacks, that he himself would surely frame and put on his wall to stare yet. I mean, he is narcissistic like that. 

“Greetings Vault Hunters! As you no doubt know by now, I’m going to kill every last one of you.

But, be still your sour spirits, for in honor of all of your deaths I’ve had a portrait commissioned to be sent to all of you so there’s no doubt who will be responsible for spreading your entrails inside the vault when I finally get it open! Toodles!”
—Handsome Jack

Am I the only one that wants to see what Handsome Jack looks like behind that mask? 

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