Epic LEGO STAR WARS Executor Super Star Destroyer!

Check out this insanely badass Star Wars LEGO sculpture for an Executor Super star Destroyer! It was created by Jedi Mickey, and it's pretty damn incredible! Here is a note from the builder and some other details on Darth Vader's LEGO flagship.

I´m very proud to present you my Executor after 2 years of building, troubles, problems and so on. But I had very much fun to design Darth Vader's flagship. As I began to design the first of fifth versions, I was a bad Lego builder. With the time I built better and better and the result you see here. So a long way is going to an end, now.

Now some facts about my Executor:

Large: 2,04m long

Pieces: I don´t know the number of parts, but I can say that this are much over 10000 bricks

weight: I haven´t a scales, which is big enough to weight my ship, but I can´t carry it alone, so it must weight over 30 kilogramms.

Time of building: over 2 years and over 2000 hours (no gag)

What do you think of it?! 

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