Geeky Travel Series WORLD 1-1 Needs To Happen... Help Out!

Outside of G4 (hell, even most of the time on G4) there isn't much in the way of informative shows made by geeks for geeks. On top of that there isn't currently a travel show that can excite, stun and or motivate you to leave the house and hit the road to see the many meccas of our culture. Enter Robert Gilpen's World 1-1, a kickstarter project to bring some of the nerdiest events and locales on Earth to your living room. From the various cons and fanboys across the globe, to the last surviving gaming arcades in America, World 1-1 will attempt to showcase it all. I recently spoke to Gilpen about how awesome his idea was, and was educated further on how much cooler it can be.

WORLD 1-1 is really about any large groups or gatherings of nerd energy and letting our viewers live that with us. During my own nerd travels, I was amazed at how different nerds are when you take away the internet and get them together. There's no more bickering. All that is left are people with passions. Even with extremely different interests nerds come together and see that they are very much a like, they all love something dearly. So this show is all about getting out into the world and seeing people with passions. 

In addition to providing tips for travel to popular events and romps, Gilpen also hopes to squash the stereotypical nerd status quo seen on television and bring a new branding of the culture to viewers.

We work in TV and are tired of seeing channels like G4 become the MTV of nerds. We want to make something from the heart, so being fan funded will help us be able to stick to our guns and make a show that serves our people. 

Speaking of fan funded, you can visit the Kickstarter project (where they are 1/8th completed on their budget) and give your support to a cool show. With promised locales such as Dragon Con, PAX, Akihabara Japan and many others. I really hope this show makes it. What are some places you'd like to see? I for one would be really interested in an in-depth look at Google from their big mysterious offices, to the garage where it all started.

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