LILO & STITCH get Revenge on Racist Tourists in This Deleted Scene

Here's a deleted scene which made it pretty far into the animation process from Disney's 2002 animated feature Lilo & Stitch. The scene shows the title characters having a little fun at the expense of annoying/borderline-racist tourists... well, sorta really racist tourists. As io9 and BuzzFeed both point out, this is likely why the scene didn't make the cut. It's a fun scene, with the edge and all. I have a lot of family in Hawaii, and it's pretty accurate to what locals have to deal with there.

I really loved this movie, and the animated series, which featured most of the original cast, was just as good! Lilo & Stitch writer/directors Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders would ultimately end up at the slightly edgier Dreamworks Animation, where the duo would craft the just as family friendly hit How To Train Your Dragon.

Do you think this scene should have made it into the film? Do you think it would have made audiences angry?