BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY Being Adapted Into a TV Series!

TVFoxby Joey Paur

FOX is planning to turn EA Games' hit video game Battlefield: Bad Company into a TV series! The project is being developed John Eisendrath who worked on the J.J. Abrams TV series Alias. It will be an hour long action comedy that will also be written by Eisendrath. The series, Bad Company, will feature the main characters from the game, and will follow four renegade soldiers as they exit military life and enter the private sector.

The game is set in a near future war between the Russian Federation and the United States. The four main characters are composed of troublemakers whose use in the battlefield is limited to the role of cannon fodder. Private Preston Marlowe is the game's protagonist, newly transferred to the company. The more intelligent but nervous Private Terrence Sweetwater serves as a foil to Private George Gordon Haggard, Jr., a pyromaniac and the comic relief of the story. Sergeant Samuel D. Redford is the leader of the squad. He is the first ever to volunteer for his position, in exchange for shortening his term of service and has only three days left to serve. The campaign takes place in the fictional Caucasus country of Serdaristan, and an unnamed fictional Middle Eastern city called Sadiz near the Caspian Sea.

I love the Bad Company game franchise, and I think it's awesome that it's being adapted into a TV series. It's got a ton of badass potential and should turn out to be a great entertaining series!

What do you think about Fox developing a Bad Company TV Series? 

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