Paramount-Based Theme Park Opening in England?

Here's a reason for American movie lovers to start saving money now for a trip overseas.

Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures is getting a theme park with attractions and rides based on their award-winning movies, with the developers likely to include rides based on Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, and Transformers. It's unclear exactly how much involvement the studio itself will have in this venture, though, since Deadline's source seemed a bit wishy-washy on the company signing off on these plans.

"This is not an investment situation and Paramount is not developing the project in a true sense,” the source said. “Paramount’s partners will lead the way, and the company will consult on their plans."

Sounds like the details are a bit sketchy, but there's an 872-acre plot of land near London that is about to have something big built on it, so I guess we'll have to see what comes of this. Plans are to put in a water park, hotels and restaurants, along with movie and music venues to round out the area. Either way, it's a really cool concept; just look at Universal Studios and Disney and their success in theme parks. It's only natural for the other big studios to start thinking about expanding and capitalizing on their own properties. Universal has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, James Cameron plans on building an Avatar theme cool would it be to walk around a full-size Starship Enterprise or take a bullet-ridden roller coaster ride through New York City circa The Godfather?

If this goes through, it won't be operational until 2018, so we've got quite a lot of time to think about the best possible rides and attractions based on Paramount properties. What would you put in this theme park if it were up to you?