Watch David Cronenberg's 1972 Short Film SECRET WEAPONS

Here's a great short film directed by David Cronenberg in 1972 from a script written by Norman Snider. It's called Secret Weapons, and the movie tells an interesting story of the development of a psychological weapon.

The story takes place six years into a future American civil war, and a scientist has created a drug that enhances fighting skills, and it makes soldiers want to kill. The scientist come across a force that fascinates him... "mysterious agents who proclaim the existence of magic, and a motorcycle gang that may be the last hope for revolution." The big question is, will he give the drug to the theocratic government, or the rebels?

About a decade after making this Cronenberg and Snider reteamed to bring us the psychological thriller Dead Ringers. Wach Secret Weapons, and let us know what you think of this early Cronenberg film! 

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