A Girlfriend Who Plays Video Games Can Be Dangerous

Getting someone into video games who does not normally play them is a frustrating task. Most times, people who don't play video games are convinced that they are stupid and childish or they don't have any real interest in them. To get them to see that it's not childish might be an easier feat than trying to get them to understand what's so fascinating about gaming.

If these non-interested people were to ask, "What makes video games special to you?", how would you respond? It's a long and complicated answer that develops over the course of many systems/years, so it's hard to translate to casuals. Seriously, try explaining that shooting people in the head with a golden AK-47 is important to you. Yeah, you'll get some looks, bro.

But what if you tried to get someone to play games, and it went horribly wrong? YouTube personality, Swoozie, provides his own anecdote on what happened to him with a girl he dated. Apparently, things didn't go so well when she became a gamer. Hey, the darkside exists in all of us, right?

Have you ever tried to make a gamer out of someone you know?

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