INSIDIOUS Director James Wan to Direct MACGYVER Movie

Insidious and Saw director James Wan could end up directing the big screen adaptation of MacGyver! Apparently New Line Cinema loved his latest film project, The Conjuring, so much that they want him to take on MacGyver. He's currently in talks with the studio to develop it.

Wan is mostly known for his horror films that also include Dead Silence and action thriller Death Sentence. He's a talented director and his films have been progressively getting better. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him take on MacGyver, I think he'd do a great job with it! 

The movie will be based off of the classic 1980s TV series which starred Richard Dean Anderson. There's no plot details on the film, but the show centered on the character Angus MacGyver, an agent of The Phoenix Foundation. He never carried a gun and relied on his mad skills to create weapons and other things out of whatever was lying around to fight the bad guys. 

The script was written by Jason Richman, and it will be interesting to see how this turns out. What are your thoughts on Wan possibly directing this movie?

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