It was recently announced that Mark Wahlberg will officialy be starring in Transformers 4. There still isn't much known about the story other than one of the other main characters will be a high school girl, and that the story will revolve around an adult character, which would be the girl's father played by Wahlberg. 

Michael Bay has released another little tidbit of information on TMZ saying that the fourth movie will take place four years after Dark of the Moon.

The movie is going to continue 4 years on from the attack on Chicago which was in the last movie. So it’s going still to have the same lineage but going in a full, new, different direction and it actually feels really natural how it is going in that direction.

This is the same tactic that Christopher Nolan used with The Dark Knight Rises, which took place eight years after the events in The Dark Knight. The time lapse is a good way for Transformers to get a start fresh without having to reboot the franchise. It would be great if these new films turned out better than the first ones. What are your thoughts on this news?

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