WEIGHT HACKING: The Geek/Gamer Way To Lose Weight

We have all seen fad diets and lose weight quick scams that promise to help you lose weight and keep the weight you lost off. More times than I can count, I’ve found that they don't work for me because I’m simply not living the same active lifestyle as those who had success. So when I heard Craig Engler say I can still play Guild Wars 2, build my own computer, watch my favorite TV series Games of Thrones, and still manage to lose weight, my ears chimed into his station. Craig is not only living proof his system works, but because of many other successful stories he is releasing his secrets in his new book entitled Weight Hacking: A Guide for Geeks Who Want To Lose Weight and Get Fit.

Now before jumping in and saying "It’s a scam!" let me indulge your senses in some secrets Craig told us in his Comic Con Panel at New York City. "Weight Hacking" is a weight loss system that uses your geeky/gamer nature to work for you by re-arranging your life style to keep you naturally active and healthy. Weight Hacking isn’t a fad diet, miracle potion or medical claim since as Craig states, “it simply an operating system for nerds.” His book teaches how to incorporate better eating habits, get the most out of your meals, offers critical advise about your foods, and explains how your geek passions can be the best gears to losing weight and staying fit.

In his book, he mentions the difficulty in losing weight with many foods actually having the reverse effects when they are labeled “healthy” since people are more likely to eat more of foods with these kinds of labels. Foods labeled “healthy” are not necessarily unhealthy, but can contain the same if not more calories than those without the “healthy” label. One of Craig’s biggest advices is to simply “Stay away from anything with a healthy label.” In a recent article, the FDA has put down server regulations on food labels with “healthy” on them as more and more companies are abusing it. Hershey’s chocolate syrup received criticism as it still has a “healthy” label when it isn’t even considered healthy, let alone a food. [CBS NEWS]

In his book, you’ll also find was to avoid traps which can force you to consume food without knowing. Our society has become so accustomed to having food everywhere we go, even in the most unusual places. The reason being is where there is food, people will eat. The most unusual places where food is offered are actually the most harmful, such as cafes in bookstores contain heavily processed foods like buttery pastries and a high amount of sugary drinks. Another trap is the Taco Bell 4th meal. Craig advised to “stay away from the misconception of a 4th meal as it is a recipe for obesity.” Heavy meals consumed after 7pm are more likely to be stored as fat in the body.

In his book, you’ll also find meaningful information on the foods you’re eating. Before listening to Craig, I had no idea that enriched flour is actually deadly without the nutrients that are put into it. Why? Because white flour is bleached. The enriching of nutrients is used to make the white flour edible and digestible. An important thing to remember from his book is “natural flour is not white, it’s brown!”

Craig offers creative geeky/gamer ways to stay active. One thing he built himself is a high raised table so he can put his treadmill underneath so he could walk while crafting or PvPing in World of Warcraft.

Craig admits it’s hard to lose weight when you’re being lied to. By training yourself to deny the wrong foods and using your geeky passions to stay healthy, you too can lose weight. Learn to overcome your weight the geeky way! Check out his e-book by clicking here.

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