Badass New Trailer for GRAND THEFT AUTO V!

Rockstar Games has released a new full badass trailer for their highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V! For those of you who enjoy this franchise, you are going to love what's in store for you with GTA V. Like I said before, one of my favorite aspects of the game is its open world, and this next chapter in the series is going to be their biggest open world game to date! 

GTA V is set in the fictional city Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its surrounding areas. It based on modern-day Los Angeles and Southern CaliforniaThe game includes three customizable playable characters -- Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, and you will be able to switch between characters “constantly” throughout the game. Each one of them has their own social circles. What's cool about this is that it allows players to see missions from different perspectives. 

The game is set to be released next year in 2013, and it looks like it's going to be extremely entertaining! Watch the trailer below, and let us know if your excited to get your hands on the game!

Here's a rundown of the characters:

Michael is a retired bank robber in his early 40s who is now in the witness protection program, and whose wife has burned through his substantial fortune, causing him to get “back into the game.” His friend Trevor, the second protagonist, is around the same age as Michael and described as a “drugged out psychopath” who's a career criminal and prone to violence.

The final character, Franklin, works as a repo man and is younger, in his mid 20s. Franklin is described as "the young and capable one of the bunch." All three come together to perform heists, which are described as “a big theme in the game.”

Here's a rundown of the gamplay and characters:

Players will experience missions as different combinations of the three characters, and each will have a different skillset. For example, in one heist mission, Michael rappels down the side of a building while Franklin uses a sniper rifle from afar and Trevor flies in a helicopter above. Players can switch back and forth between Michael grabbing a target inside the building or Franklin trying to snipe enemies inside. Once you escape, the player can choose to fly the getaway helicopter as Trevor, snipe other pilots as Franklin or fire a gun from the back of the vehicle as Michael.

Rockstar has also changed driving mechanics, noting that cars “hold to the ground a bit better” and have “a little more physics on them,” making driving feel more like a racing game. Shooting and melee combat have also been improved, as have pedestrian models (some pedestrians have now been mapped using motion capture for more realistic movement). Rockstar also hasn’t employed any celebrities to provide voices for the game.

Heists will be a key element, but players will also experience elements similar to Red Dead Redemption’s dynamic encounters, including stopping to check on broken cars and picking up hitchhikers. Players will also be able to chase and catch muggers or rob cash vans.

Outside of missions, players will be able to participate in multiple activities including yoga, triathalons, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf. They can also cruise around the gigantic map in vehicles, with a confirmed list so far that includes several bikes, cars and trucks as well as helicopters, planes, ATVs and jet skis.

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