JOURNEY Fan Art Is a Tranquil Search for Companionship

Journey is one of my favorite games of the year. Even if it can be completed in less than three hours, it still provided me with more substance than some $60 triple A game. I spent weeks just thinking about game structure, voiceless multiplayer, and the industry itself, just from playing thatgamecompany's unique title.

Journey is successful in letting the player ponder placement and companionship in the world it creates. You are a tiny individual who is stranded alone at first, in a desert that seems to go on forever. You find companions though, with whom you work with in almost total silence (still can chirp), and you try to complete the journey together. It's all rather poetic, and this artist has captured that feeling completely.

Matt Wood is the man behind this beautiful look at the game. The beautiful backdrop along with the chirping of a nearby friend captures only a fraction of what this game is about, but it is done perfectly. I can only hope Mr. Wood makes another one of these in the future.

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