Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Movie Only Has Three 30 Minute Scenes

The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is in the process of writing a Steve Jobs biopic for Sony Pictures. This is the good Steve Jobs movie that we're waiting for, not the one starring Ashton Kutcher. 

It seems Sorkin has come up with a very interesting and different way to tackle the story. According to The Daily Beast, Sorkin says his upcoming biopic will consist entirely of three half-hour scenes. Each scene takes place in real-time, and they will depict the events back-stage leading up to a major product launch during Jobs' life. The product launches that the film will feature include the original Mac, NeXT, and iPod, which are all perfect centerpieces.

I'm intrigued by this storytelling format, and it's something that I can definitely see Sorkin doing. It seems similar to the format of his great HBO series Newsroom. Sorkin hopes to end the movie with the text of the ‘here’s to the crazy ones‘ ad.

Sorkin went on to talk about meeting with people who were around Jobs in life such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak saying, "These people…revere him despite of the fact that he made all of them cry at one point. But he made all of them better.” He went on to admit that Jobs wasn't perfect, and that there's “no point in writing about someone unless they’re flawed. He then compared Jobs to The Beatles saying, "It’s a little like writing about the Beatles. There are so many people out there that know so much about him and that revere him. I just saw a minefield of disappointment."

I love Sorkin's work, and I'm looking forward to seeing his vision for Jobs realized on the big screen. I'm sure it's going to be as good as we all hope it will be. What do you think of his three-scene story format? 

You can watch Sorkin talk about Steve Jobs in the video below:

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