Guillermo del Toro Talks PACIFIC RIM and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

Fan favorite filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is known for his awesome movies and having a hand in developing several film projects, some some of which he was supposed to direct. We all want to see more movies from the director, and hopefully Pacific Rim will put him on track to do that. He recently sat down for an interview with The Huffington Post. In it he talks about his career, not directing a movie since 2008, making Pacific Rim and wanting to make Justice League Dark.

When they announced that Del Toro would be directing Pacific Rim, I thought it would be one of those many films that he attached himself too that would just fall part like all of the other ones he's tried to make recently. Luckily it actually happened, and it looks like an amazing movie! When asked about a lot of the films he's been attached to over the years he said,

Yeah, but it's funny: a lot of the attachments that are announced are not real. A lot of them are -- I'm not denying it. But a lot of them happen -- like, I was attached to Dreamworks three years ago and I've worked on four movies .

Just because he hasn't directed a movie since 2008 doesn't mean he hasn't been working on making films because he has.

No. As a director, true. But, I gave two years of those four years to "The Hobbit" and one year to "At the Mountains of Madness." And I thought, in both cases, that they were going to be the next movie. You don't control this.

He goes on to say that he never wants to go four years without making a movie again.

I don't want to ever go another four more years without directing if I can help it. But, it may happen. I like very much taking those movies serially -- and putting a year of pre-production and design and put all the love that is needed. And a thing like "Pacific Rim" is a huge design.

You would think a director would get a little rusty after not making a film in so long, but not for Del Toro, he describes it as like riding a bike. When he started on Pacific Rim he was ready, and he ended up finishing shooting under budget and ahead of schedule, which is an impressive feat for any director!

You know, it's funny. The first two days of shoots, I prepared those two days more than ever except maybe my first movie. Because I wanted to not have any hitch. So, the first two days of shoots, I was half a day ahead of schedule. I was not rusty, you know? At the end of the movie, we were four days under schedule. And we were severely under budget -- we were able to allocate that budget into more of the effects. So it was very important for me to have that movie be a fiscal exercise on my craft as much as an artistic endeavor. I wanted to prove to myself that you don't get rusty -- that you can go right back to the bike and ride it.

That's a lot like my personality. I'm not a procrastinator, and I always want to stay ahead of the game. The director went on to say that there's going to be a lot of the stuff in the film that you think is CG, but it's actually real. He also went on to say that no one has seen a movie like this before.  He then went on to talk about the DC Comics Justice League Dark film he's trying to get made,

It is a probability. But, see, the problem is that a lot of people get a hold of things before they are a reality. Like, for a while, people were talking about the "Dr. Strange" movie. I said, "I'm not involved. At all." And then they were talking about another movie and two or three times I had to say, "I'm not involved." In this case, I hope it happens.

So that's encouraging! Hopefully it works out! Del Toro is such a talented director that makes the kind of movies we want to see, and I hope he gets to direct more of the projects he wants to do! It looks like Pacific Rim is just the beginning for Del Toro.

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