Chris Pine is always asked about Star Trek in any interview he gives. The actor has been doing a ton of press for his new animated film Rise of the Guardians and these are some Star Trek related excerpts from those interviews. I loved J.J. Abrams take on the Trek universe, and am very excited to see what happens with Star Trek into the Darkness

The following videos give us some great insight into the Star Trek sequel:


The story is huge in terms of scope and scale and story it is a lot bigger than the first. It is going to be IMAX. Bendedict Cumberbatch as the evil bad guy. I think there is a lot of fun stuff.

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Kirk is fun because he is a brash, cocky, bull-headed kind of guy. I think the journey he goes on in this new film is a lot about – the first one was about getting the chair and the second one is about earning it. And I think that is a big part of his journey.

Benedict [Cumberbatch] is such an incredible talent. He did some work in the new Trek that will blow people away.

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JJ will be constantly tinkering with [Star Trek] until the last minute.

Here is what Pine had to say during an interview with Radio Times:

“There’s one scene in [Star Trek Into Darkness] that’s like, you know… in all kinds of heavy science fiction there’s got to be the exposition scene where it’s like, what the hell’s going on? It’s a really, really, really hard scene. Not for me, for Benedict – and watching him handle that and to make something that I think, on paper, could have been a death trap for an actor and to see how he [deals with it]…"

Star Trek Into the Darkness hits theaters in May 2013!

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