Walt Disney Animation's The Story of Menstruation

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This is an old Walt Disney animated production called The Story of Menstruation. The 10-minute video was made in 1946 and was shown to 105 million American students in health education classes. Apparently, this is the first film to ever use the word vagina. It's interesting watching these old instructional videos from different periods of time. It gives you a look into how society looked at things at that time. It's almost like taking a trip back in time.

Here's a little more information,

It was part of a 1945 to 1951 series of films that Disney produced for American schools. Gynecologist Mason Hohn was hired as a consultant to ensure that the film was scientifically accurate. Hohn was hired to increase the likelihood that school doctors and nurses would allow the film to be shown. Hohn's involvement led to a stronger emphasis on biology than other marketing by ICCC. The Story of Menstruation increased its reputation when it received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

It was one of the first commercially sponsored films to be distributed to high schools. It was distributed with a booklet for teachers and students called Very Personally Yours that featured advertising of the Kotex brand of products, and discouraged the use of tampons, where the market was dominated by the Tampax brand of rivals Procter & Gamble.

Neither sexuality nor reproduction is mentioned in the film, and an emphasis on sanitation makes it, as Disney historian Jim Korkis has suggested: "a hygienic crisis rather than a maturation event." The menstrual flow was depicted as snow white instead of blood red.

I won't lie... this is kind of depressing, but in a funny way. 

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