Ridley Scott's Abandoned I AM LEGEND Creature Designs

I don't know about you but I hated I Am Legend. Will Smith is Awesome don't get me wrong... but the entire point of the book was missed, along with some other off the wall concepts... Vermont anyone?

So I was surprised to find out Ridley Scott was once attached to direct an earlier film version of the story back in 1997, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Robert Neville. Blastr found a cool creature effects video from the scrapped project. Mr. Scott hired Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis to bring the creatures for I Am Legend to life.

What these creatures are depending on who you are talking to, but Richard Matheson, the man behind the book, thought of them as vampiric in nature.

Woodruff Jr. and Gillis spent four months working up miniature maquettes, full-scale busts, and experimenting with silicone appliances... in other words working their asses off... all in the pursuit of making some bad ass creatures. What they came up with is pretty terrific.

Scott's project failed because of... you guessed it... budget issues. Also the script had little to no dialogue in the first hour and the studio wanted more action. Check out the video below
Thanks to studios we get films like Battleship, Man on a Ledge, and Taken 2.


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