Did Colin Trevorrow Confirm He's Directing STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

One of the more interesting and unexpected names to pop up on the potential Star Wars: Episode VII director list has been Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow. Every fanboy and fangirl has a wish list of who they would like to see direct the movie, and Trevorrow doesn't seem to be on any of them, but it seems like he's the most likely to get the gig. 

An interview with the director was recently found and brought to my attention by Film School Rejects. In the interview the director talks about a new project he's been brought on to work on, the funny thing is the interview happened back in June, which is a couple months before George Lucas had his little meeting with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. It's cool to see the the wheels have been in motion on this film for a long time. There's still no official confirmation that Trevorrow is directing the highly anticipated film, but this is what he said...

I can’t speak with any specificity as to what the next thing will be. There are amazing opportunities that have arisen as a result of this. One of them, I will say, will probably create a good deal of ire against me on the Internet when people find out what it is. So, I just want to say in advance that I promise you, for all those who love the mythology that I will be tackling, trust that I love it as much as you do. And I will respect it, and hopefully make it not suck.

He doesn't come out and say Star Wars, but now we all know what he's talking about. It also seems like he confirms his involvement as he says, "I will be tackling." He could have used the word 'might' but he didn't, he said "I will," like it was already set in stone for him. He seemed a little less sure about it in a recent interview with Moviezine though saying,

It is not something that I can comment too much on. But I can definitely say, I am as much of a fan of Star Wars as everyone else for whom Star Wars was the most important thing in their life, when they were a kid. I'm deeply aware of how profoundly important it is, to billions of people. It really is a mythology and possibly even a belief system for a lot of people. I certainly can't comment on what my involvement may ever be, I can definitely say that I would absolutely love to direct a "Star Wars" film at some point in my life. That would be incredible, I'm not daunted by it. Even if I understand that any thinking director who cares about it as I do, as much as a lot of directors do, would be afraid of screwing it up. But I also think that it's a risk that a lot of directors would be willing to take, because they care about it so much.

The fact is, the studio isn't going to let him confirm his involvement yet if he is directing. That goes for anyone else who is in the running. But it is interesting to find out that he was going to be doing it back in June. To read more about what he had to say about Star Wars Click Here. You can also watch the video interview below. He starts to talk about his involvement with the film at the 21:45 mark.

He definitely seems like the strongest contender of anyone else that's been mentioned. Especially since most of the big names including J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird and Steven Spielberg say they aren't going to be doing it. Trevorrow may not be on the top of our wish lists, but he very well might end up directing the movie, and if that's the case, I won't complain. I loved Safety Not Guaranteed and he's not George Lucas.

After writing up this article Trevorrow sent out the following Tweet. Any idea what the other film he's talking about could be? Or is he just covering his tracks? 


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