UNCHARTED: FIGHT FOR FORTUNE - Defeat Your Foes With Cards

For the last couple of weeks, there has been some mumblings about a new Uncharted game on the horizon. I assumed that it was going to be Vita related, and I didn't think it would be a sequel to Golden Abyss. Before today's announcement, I thought that it would be DLC or something of the like, not a card game.

That's right! You heard me correctly, a card game! Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is going to be a card battle game set in the Uncharted universe with all of your favorite characters (and henchmen). Don't get all upset and tell me that they are ruining the franchise and blah, blah, blah. This is a small, standalone product that looks as if it was made only for fun. The price point of $4.99 is telling and the fact that it is only going to be on the Vita. Let's be thankful that Naughty Dog (no, they did not develop this one, I know) did not go the way of their past franchises and make a Kart game.

From what I can tell, this is a standard card battle game (it has a campaign!) with things like power cards and hit points. Then again, I don't know too much about the world of card dueling, so maybe ask someone else?

The thing that will make it for Vita owners, is that it pulls artifacts you collected from Uncharted: Golden Abyss and you can use them as power-ups. Owning the Golden Abyss is not necessary, but it certainly sweetens the deal. The guys over at Bend Studio are looking for a good time and I doubt they expect to blow anyone away. It would be kinda great if this game became a huge hit, though.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune will be out on December 4th via the Playstation Store.

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