Harrison Ford and Zac Efron to Star in Thriller YOU BELONG TO ME

Some will see the name Harrison Ford in this headline and automatically assume he's the most important cog in this wheel. But things aren't always what they seem...

The Wrap reports that Ford and Zac Efron are attached to star in The Princess Bride director Rob Reiner's thriller You Belong to Me. The movie follows a psychiatrist (Ford) whose patient commits suicide. Bothered by his inability to reach her, he bonds with her brother (Efron) and opens up to him. The problem arises when the brother starts seducing the psychiatrist's wife and daughter, and the project is being compared to psychological thrillers like Cape Fear.

Yes, Reiner and Ford are the biggest names in this group. But the thing that I'm most excited about is Efron's opportunity to make a big mark and fully ditch the cover of his High School Musical/Disney days. Ever since I saw him in Liberal Arts at Sundance, I knew this kid had some serious talent; it's unfortunate that a lot of people have written him off based on his early career choices, but I think with a high profile role like this opposite a screen legend like Ford, this could be exactly the kind of proving ground he needs right now.

What do you think? Excited to see what these guys can accomplish together?