Exclusive Clip for the Superhero Comedy ALTER EGOS

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

We've got an exclusive clip to show you from the superhero indie comedy Alter Egos. The film is being distributed by Kevin Smith's Smodcast Pictures, and it looks like it could be a fun movie. The story is set in a world in which superheroes have lost government funding and public support. The clip features one of the superhero characters distracted by what is going on in his love life. 

It was written and directed by Jordan Galland and stars Kris Lemche, Brooke Nevin, Joey Kern, Christine Evangelista, Sean Lennon, John Ventimiglia and Danny Masterson.

Here's the synopsis:

Alter Egos inhabits a fantasy world where superheroes are a dime a dozen. If you have the powers, as lead supers Fridge (Kris Lemche), and C-Thru (Joey Kern), do, then, well, you can practice them for good, as long as you follow the guidelines, or at least some of them. Quite obviously, this is a parody of parodies and flips the superhero genre on its head. Like Superman, Fridge is dorky in his human clothes. Unlike Superman, it's not because he has to do so to keep his identity under wraps—more like he uses his superhero garb to explore different facets of his personality, as evidenced by the title. Somewhere along the storyline, he must tackle the fact that his girlfriend loves his superhero identity more than his unmasked self, and, naturally, face his nemesis, the man who killed his mom and dad—although he really doesn't want to.

The movie will be released on VOD on November 20th. Check out the clip. 

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