Fan Favorite Character Tyreese Coming to THE WALKING DEAD

For those of you who are fans of the The Walking Dead comic book you should be excited to hear that the fan favorite character Tyreese will be joining the AMC TV series. The character will be played by Chad Coleman who is best known for his role as Dennis "Cutty" Wise on The Wire and providing the voice for 'Coach' in Left4Dead 2.

In the Walking Dead comics, Tyreese was a former NFL linebacker, and became a prominent member of the survivors and served as Rick’s second in command following Shane’s death. "The character’s arrival (rumored to be in this season’s eighth episode) comes as Rick prepares to do battle with David Morrissey’s Governor."

Who knows what the TV series has in store for his character though. I'm happy to see that he's finally going to be joining the series though!