Pedro Almodovar Planning 1950's Inspired Sci-Fi Film

The Skin I Live In director Pedro Almodovar revealed that he is planning on making a sci-fi film inspired by his love for 1950's sci-fi movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Almodovar was speaking at BAFTA in London in which he said,

I am still young enough to make a science fiction movie. I have ideas for this genre. The way I would like to do it is present something impossible in a real, domestic way. One of the scripts on my desk is of that genre, so I hope to make that.

Don't expect it anytime soon though as he explains,

I live with my stories for many years. I write more like a novelist than a screenwriter.

I liked The Skin I Live In, and I'm always up for a new sci-fi film. Especially when they pay tribute to some of the classics. Will we see the return of pod people? We'll make sure to get you more information as it becomes available. 

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