TRON WARS - Darth Vader / Tron Mashup Art

After seeing this Star Wars/ Tron mashup art I started to think about Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. I don't think his name has been thrown around as a possible director for any of the new Star Wars films, but I wouldn't mind seeing him take one on. 

One of the big (among many) gripes people had with the Star Wars prequels was with how much George Lucas relied on CGI. It felt like there were many sets that could've been built practically or shot on some location that just ended up being left in the hands of visual effects artists. All of the Clones were CGI for gosh sake! While this could have been an easy and acceptable route for Tron: Legacy (considering the setting of the film), Kosinski took the complete opposite approach and opted to build elaborate sets and utilized a surprising amount of practical effects. 

Disney has faith in Kosinski, even though Tron: Legacy didn't perform as well as they wished and they had to pass on Oblivion. The Star Wars universe is pretty timeless, but if there's someone out there that could bring a fresh visual take and give Star Wars a face lift it'd be Kosinski.