Collection of DOCTOR WHO Art Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Check out this great collection of Dr. Seuss inspired Doctor Who art from around the web. There aren't that many of them, but I like what I've found. It would be kind of cool to see a Doctor Who episode in which he enters the world of Dr. Seuss. Anything is possible with the Doctor and his TARDIS! It's really not that crazy of an idea compared to some of the other adventures we've seen The Doctor embark on. 

The illustration above was created by Bill Mudron and it's called The Cat in the Hat Came Back (eventually). Here's what he said about it.

I read a recent criticism of the Moffat-era of Doctor Who being a glorified version of The Cat in the Hat, to which I couldn’t help but think…well….”duh”.


(Though we all know that the Eleventh Doctor is more Peter Pan than anything else, in case all the off-the-cuff remarks about fairytales and not growing up got lost in the bits where an eternally-youthful weirdo shows up to whisk a pajama-clad heroine to a realm where time has no meaning….)


Created by Doctor Who Fan Art.

Created by Adam de la Mare.

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