Menacing Stormtrooper Samurai - Custom Munny

ArtStar Warsby Eli Reyes

This one-of-a-kind Stormtrooper Samurai is a custom design made by French graphic designers Guillaume and Julia Lachambre. A Samurai/Stormtrooper mash-up isn't a completely new twist on the Imperial soldiers, we've seen some cool Star Wars samurai cosplay before. But all of the other takes on this concept lean a little too far into the traditional Japanese aesthetics to ever truly fit into the Star Wars universe. However, the design for  this custom Munny would fit in perfectly! Provided he didn't have the toddler-proportions of a Munny, this would be one mean character!

In my head, I imagine that his sword is more powerful than a traditional Lightsaber -- just like how the construction of Samurai swords are far superior to other swords -- that would just slice a standard Lightsaber in half. It would be cool if his armor actually, ya know... worked, too. Now THAT would be a Stormtrooper that you wouldn't wanna mess with.

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