LEGO Hypothetical Series Gives Some of Gaming's Best the LEGO Treatment


Seeing this LEGO renaissance as it were has made me a bit bitter. Why? Not because I have bad memories of the small blocks. Quite the opposite actually, I have nothing but wonderful memories. I'm just bitter that my giant tub filled with them got lost in the many places I moved to over the years, because all I want to do is build an all out LEGO version of OA and stick it on my desk (which will totally suck for people who don't like translucent green).

That said, Michael Ardrey (known as Either-Art on Deviant Art) has a series of pics he's done called LEGO Hypothetical. This series of concepts features games that don't already have lego sets, and includes Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Mass Effect. LEGO art is pretty rad anyway (and yes I'm aware I just raided the 90's closet and used the word rad), and these are no exception, but what sticks out to me is how authentic they are. They look like a finished product, and who wouldn't want to see a Mass Effect set? I'm dying to build my own version of the Normandy (complete with small Lego version of Joker in the pilot seat), but in the meantime check out the pics and his Deviant Art page, and if you like his art make sure to let him know!

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