MASS EFFECT: Where Does Shepard Get Those Wonderful Toys?

I know I'm mixing movies a bit there, but it was such a good headline. Deviant Art user Syarawi (real name Azlan Syarawi) has put together this sweet render of a Mass Effect tumbler (of Dark Knight fame), and man do I wish this was actually in the game.

The Mako missions from the first Mass Effect were loved or hated (I fell into the latter group), not because the premise wasn't good but because the Mako itself handled terribly and they had you driving around for 20 minutes at a a time looking for small piles of minerals. Spread several of those out over a large area and that equals up to a not so fun time. While the sequels had several small vehicle sections, they are nothing compared to the prospect of driving this thing around. Props to Azlan for the great work he did on the painting and reflections on the tumbler itself. On top of that the background looks straight out of the Mass Effect universe. If you like what you see then catch his other stuff here, and make sure to let him know if you dig it.

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