THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Promo Clips for "Made to Suffer"

We are coming up on the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3. The next episode is called "Made to Suffer," and it looks like it's going to be great! I'm sure it will also leave us with one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Last night's episode once again managed to blow audiences away. It's pretty awesome how great this season has been, and I can only imagine it's going to get better from here. I wouldn't watch these if you haven't seen the most recent episode yet.

This first promo clip shows that Maggie and Glenn are in more danger, and it shows off the confrontation between Rick's group and the Governor's. I have to say it was hard to watch what Maggie and Glenn had to go through in the last episode. 

This second clip features Andrea talking to The Governor about how this little community is a good thing. She's obviously bought into the whole thing. I'm not sure if you noticed or not in the promo above, but in the middle of a heated gun battle she says to the Governor, "I saw them," I think that she's referring to Glenn and Maggie. She might just be turning to the dark side, and you know what... it wouldn't surprise me if she was. After all, she was still fighting alongside him, and he looked pretty surprised.

What do you think will happen in the mid-season finale?