Top 10 Best Video Game Costumes You Can Purchase

The year may be coming to an end, but all over the States anime and gaming conventions are still thriving with attendees. Now is the perfect time to use Christmas as a means to get a new costume, but what should you cosplay as and where do you find the best designers for it? Well, that's what we're here for. Check out these top 10 best costumes you can buy for yourself.

10) Kasumi - Dead or Alive

In the recent conventions that I have attended, there is a decline in Kasumi appearances. In light of this, wouldn't it be better to stand out as the only Kasumi? I love this outfit because of its attention to detail, and don't think that won't go unnoticed. Just if anyone asks where you got it, don't say you made it yourself. This piece can be purchased here.

9) Ezio Auditore -Assassin's Creed 2

You can put on a hoodie, a red sash, and grab a plastic sword and say your Ezio but to be Ezio requires the right gear. This all inclusive set comes with every trinket you need to be Ezio. Just forewarning, once you put it on you might think your an assassin. This piece can be purchased here.


8) Sindel - Mortal Kombat

Don't get migraines when you have a mouthful of Babality! This piece is a full set that can be made to any size so no fretting. The only thing you might have to worry about is the die-hard fandom you'll have by the end of the convention. So strike some terror into the hearts of your audiences and leave with a Stage Fatality! Purchase this piece here.

7) Lulu Final Fantasy X

Never have I seen such a well detailed Lulu costume. Down to the jewelry and the details on the skirts, there is no mistaking the beauty of this piece. Although the piece doesn't come with a moggle, you'll be casting Firaga and summoning aeons as soon as you put it on. Purchase this piece here.

6) Master Chief - Halo 3

You can spend 3 years making this spectacular costume or spend 10 seconds buying it. Nonetheless, it won't be a waste to buy this bad beauty. Just looking at the attention to detail makes me drool. Surprisingly the makers of this costume are also the guys I go to for my computer parts. Go figure. Purchase this piece here.

5) Cat Woman - Batman Returns

When you think of the best Cat Woman outfit, you don't imagine anything else but this. Almost too good to not be Hollywood (minus the open toe heels) you can almost picture Michelle Pfeiffer in it. Wearing this, there might be more than one heaven you get to go to. Purchase this piece here.


4) Nathan Drake - Uncharted

When it comes to Nathan Drake, you don't need much. Jeans, white, shirt, shoes, and scarf you got it covered. What your missing is this gun holster and bandolier replica. So your not hurting your bank too much with this one, and since it's customizable to any size, anybody can be Nathan Drake. Purchase this piece here.


3) Splicer Bunny - Bioshock

Another costume that just requires the right prop to make it complete. This Splicer mask is handmade out of leather. The details to the mask are customizable to preferences. You can't go wrong with this gender friendly piece. Purchase this piece here.

2) Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Underworld

When it comes to any Lara Croft costume, it's the equipment that counts. Trust me. Your guns or holster don't look real. BIG FAIL. Why? Because her outfit is too easy to do that not making a valid effort getting the equipment is simply failure on your part. Let's make your humiliation a lot less... humiliating. With these bad boys, your shorts and tees will look like a pro. Go get 'em, girl. Purchase this piece here.


1) Lyana Stark - Game Of Thrones

Ok, this thing was slightly rigged because I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan. Even though the photo does not do the costume justice, it's still pretty damn good. Makes ya want to lay in blue petals. Purchase this piece here.


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