It Looks like Matthew Vaughn Might Actually Direct STAR WARS VII


There's been a whirlwind of Star Wars news and rumors over the past month, I don't post most of the stuff I come across because it's kind of ridiculous. But, Matthew Vaughn's name has popped back up as a possible director for Star Wars: Episode VII. Earlier this month the rumor hit the net that the X-Men: First Class director was in talks to helm the film. Then his friend and collaborator Mark Millar came out and said that Vaughn was working on the adaptation of the comic book The Secret Service, which put doubt in our heads. Now according @DIYTV Vaughn might actually be attached to direct the movie! 

While in London covering the Green Carpet event for the awesome film Seven Psychopaths, they talked to actor Jason Flemyng, a close friend of Vaughn's, who let slip that Vaughn will be working on Star Wars.

They followed-up that tweet with a little correction...

If you take these tweets at face value it looks like Vaughn will be directing the movie. But there's still so many variables that could cancel this all out. Flemyng might not have the full details, and the source could have heard him wrong. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what is really going on with Vaughn and Disney, but if he does end up directing the movie that would be pretty damn awesome! 

As of right now, the studio has three different writers working on scripts for the future Star Wars movies and I imagine they will bring on different directors for each one as well. A lot of directors are going to have a shot at Star Wars! Especially if they plan on releasing two or three of them a year.