SyFy Looking to Make New WATERWORLD Film or TV Series

MovieSyfyby Joey Paur

No one really asked for a sequel or remake of Kevin Costner's 1995 film Waterworld... did they? Well, it doesn't seem to be stopping the SyFy Channel from wanting to bring it back to life. Waterworld is known for being one of Hollywood's biggest box office bombs, and I'm not sure why anyone would want to waste time, money and talent on the property. It sounds like if this happens it will either be a feature film or turned into a TV series. 

According to Forbes, SyFy President Dave Howe "sees it as an underexploited piece of intellectual property. That’s because every time it airs on Syfy, it attracts a surprisingly large viewership. (Around 400,000 viewers watched the last airing.) While a theatrical sequel of Waterworld was 'never really on the cards,' according to Howe, a series inspired by the film is something that has been 'talked about endlessly' and remains a possibility, he says."

Well, you can scratch me off the list of people that stops to watch Waterworld while flipping through channels. Just because people watch the movie on TV doesn't mean people want anymore of it. I haven't seen the movie in years, and I have no desire to see anything that resembles it. I just can't see how it could possibly be good.

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