WALKING DEAD's Daryl Dixon Gets a Badass Animated Music Video

13-year-old animator Nick Mastrangelo created this awesome animated music video featuring The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). It transformers Daryl into an Indiana Jones type character who goes on a crazy bloody zombie rampage as he searches for a mythical crossbow that can shoot a dozen arrows at once. Here's a note that Nick included with the video,

I'm an 8th grader in middle school, and I want to become an Animation filmmaker. I love sci fi films! I'm a fan of Tim Burton and Brad Bird. I love adventure orchestral music too.

Just for fun over the summer, I decided to make an animation music video inspired by Norman Reedus' character "Daryl Dixon" of The Walking Dead tv show on AMC. I chose Daryl Dixon because he's a fan favorite, changed into a positive dude the group can now count on, and i just HAD to do a story about that crossbow of his! So I made the story kinda "Walking Dead" meets "Indiana Jones".

I mostly like Comedy oriented stories about aliens, cyborgs, and robots, (Monsters vs Aliens, The Incredibles, etc..) so making this short film was different for me. And basically I liked the song a lot and was looking for something "heavy" to use it on. So a "zombie themed" film seemed like the right fit. Thanks for watching - - play it loud & enjoy!

The video is pretty rad, especially for a 13-year-old 8th grader. 

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