Gus Van Sant Developing Martial Arts Superhero Film

Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant is mostly known for making small indie film drama type stories. I've liked most of the movies he's made, he's a solid director, and it was shockingly awesome to hear about a new project that he's working on that's a grounded martial arts superhero movie!

Van Sant described it being "a little bit of a superhero movie and a little bit of Stephen Chow." Chow is the writer and star of the film Kung Fu Hustle. The director went on to explain, that the film is set on "Hollywood Boulevard and Gower, near the Pep Boys sign." He was inspired to write the story after an encounter with a "very frail" looking woman with bags at that very spot.

I thought, Oh my God, she's going to get hit, and then I thought that maybe she has more going on than I think. Maybe I should give her more credit. Maybe she could kick my ass.

It's that thought that led him to start working on a story about "a small area of Hollywood that is besieged by crime" and a group of people who "get together to clean it up." He's still in the process of writing it, and he said that he's been working on watercolor paintings of the characters in his story. I freakin' love the idea, and I truly hope that Van Sant is able to get this movie made! This would be different from anything Van Sant has made before, and I'm curious to see how his vision turns out! 

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