Mark Hamill Discusses STAR WARS VII and Luke Skywalker's Role

Mark Hamill has been out promoting his latest film project Sushi Girl, but of course all anyone wants to talk about is Star Wars Episode VII and what he knows about. It sounds like he knows just as much as we do, unless he's just acting like he doesn't know anything. Hamill is expected to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker, and it's something the fans want to see actually happen. During an interview with E! Online he was asked if it's been confirmed that he'll be coming back:

We have questions about it. And really, they’re not even at the stage where they’re able to answer those questions because, as far as I know, is there a story yet? Until I know more about what they have in mind, I think it’s better to let Lucasfilm make the announcements.

If they were going to do a story where Luke was too young or too old for me to play, they would get an age-appropriate actor," he said. "There's so many good people.

In another interview with Coming Soon the actor went on to say he doesn't have any more information than what is already out there,

I don’t have any information that isn’t already out there. And I’m in a place where sometimes I forget what’s classified and what’s not. I said to my son – because my son is really the Star Wars fanatic in my family, of my three kids – I said, “How come you know more about Star Wars than me or even Lucasfilm?” He goes, “Well, Dad, I go to” He knew about the new writer, Michael Arndt, before I knew about that… I’m not holding out on you. I just know that nothing’s been decided, whether we’re in or out. I was surprised at how George announced it, because he told me about this last summer. Not about Disney, but just that they decided after all these years that they were gonna go do VII, VIII, and IX. We were just shocked. But it’s so in the early stages… I thought he announced too early. I don’t know what the timing was in terms of the Disney deal. But we don’t know what’s going on really. And when we do, believe me, we’ll let you know!

When SFX talked to the actor, they asked about where he’d like to see the character, Luke, go in the new films,

Well, it’s an interesting question. I remember when we were making the first trilogy I thought… When I realized they were gonna make the princess my sister, I said, “You know where this is headed? It’s headed for Obi-Wan territory, where I’m in a desolate hovel, as an elderly recluse.” But I’ve heard other ideas, like you say – somebody who’s training Jedi. I guess in the books he does have an offspring.

Look, the fact that George Lucas met with Hamill and Carrie Fisher back in August proves to me that they will be involved with the movie. I looked around to see if Lucas reached out to them like that before he made the prequel films, and I couldn't find anything, so why meet with them now if they aren't going to be involved? 

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