STAR WARS LEGO Marriage Proposal

HumorPhotosby Joey Paur

Of every possible way you could propose to your loved one, have you ever thought of using Star Wars LEGOs to do it? When I proposed to my wife I did it at the beach and had an illegal fireworks show all ready to go... if she said yes, which she did. But Star Wars LEGOs are cool too! 

This guy took his love of Star Wars and LEGO and built a cute little diorama to propose to the woman he loves. It's a little Stormtrooper on one knee holding the ring, proposing to a cute little rebel girl. Not sure how this marriage is going to work as their employers are at war with each other. Must be some kind of Star Wars Romeo and Juliet kind of thing. 

What do you think ofthis geek proposal? Oh, and I have no idea if she said yes.

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