Details Revealed For The CW's New WONDER WOMAN Series

A couple of months ago is was announced that The CW would be developing a Wonder Woman series. This is something that David E. Kelly tried to do for NBC, but they ended up passing on the series. When the new project was first announced we heard that it would be an origin story and that it was being developed under the title Amazon.

It was previously said that the series "will focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty. (Think Smallville, but instead of a 'no tights, no flights' rule, this show might have a 'no bracelets, no crown' mandate.)" Thanks to Deadline we have a little bit more information on the series from a character description being used in the casting process.

They are looking for a tall actress to take on the lead role and only looking to audition actresses 5'8" or taller. It was also revealed that her name will be Iris, not Diana. Here's the description...

She comes from a remote, secluded country and until now has spent most of her life as a soldier and a leader on the battlefield. Because of relentless brutality of her life at home, Iris looks at our world with absolute awe and astonishment. She’s delighted and just as often horrified by the aspects of everyday life that we take for granted: skyscrapers, traffic, ice cream. It’s all new and fascinating and sometimes slightly troubling to her. Iris is completely unschooled in our world, our culture, our customs. And she’s completely inexperienced at interpersonal relationships. She has no social filter, does not suffer fools, and tends to do and say exactly what’s on her mind at all times. She’s bluntly, refreshingly honest. She can tell when you’re lying to her. And she doesn’t have time or patience for politics or tact because she’s too busy trying to experience everything our world has to offer. There are too many sights to see and things to learn and people to care for. Hers is a true, noble, and generous heart. And she will fight and die for the people she loves. Iris is a fierce warrior with the innocent heart of a romantic and she will fight to the death to make the world safe for innocents and true romantics everywhere.

The script for the series is still being written by Allan Heinberg (Grey's AnatomyThe O.C. and the Young Avengers Comic Book), but it sounds like it could be a really good series. I love what they did with Superman in Smallville and Green Arrow in Arrow, and I imagine they will be able to build a great series around Wonder Woman. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new superhero show turns out!