Great Dark Comedy Animated Short - LE TAXIDERMISTE

Here's a wonderfully unique and beautifully animated short film directed by Paulin Cointot called Le Taxidermiste. This was a very entertaining short and I thought the story was fantastic. I appreciated the dark humor of it.

This is the story of an old woman who wants to pay her last respects to her husband. She welcomes a team of Funeral directors at her home, a strange apartment full of dead animals. It’s time to get the body and perform the ceremony. It’s time to say goodbye to what is left behind.

There's a lot of great little details in this film, like how all of the dead animals in the film show some kind of personality. I also really like the sketchiness of the CG animated style, the setting and mood. I hope you like this one!

Le Taxidermiste from Le Taxidermiste Team on Vimeo.


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