J.J. Abrams' GOD PARTICLE Finds Its Director

Movie J.J. Abrams by Joey Paur

Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have hired newcomer Julius Onah to direct the J.J. Abrams produced film God Particle. The story follows "an American space station crew left abandoned after a problem with a Hadron accelerator causes Earth to vanish entirely." That sure sounds terrifying! The crew of the orbiting American space station is left floating in the middle of empty space... alone. That is until a European spacecraft appears on their radar, "the Americans must determine whether it’s their salvation, or a harbinger of doom."

Oren Uziel wrote the script for the awesome sounding project, which has a budget of around $5-10 million. This could end up being a great movie. I love the concept and I hope Onah is up for the challenge. Before landing this gig, he was mostly known for directing short films such as Big Man and Little Girl Blue.

He wouldn't have been hired if Abrams and the other producers of the film didn't think he had a solid vision for the film and the talent to bring it to life. It will be cool to watch this film develop! 

(The artwork above was created by John Berkey and has nothing to do with the film.)

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