Seth MacFarlane Discusses FAMILY GUY Movie

I'm surprised we haven't seen a Family Guy movie yet, but creator Seth MacFarlane is working on making it happen! One day we will see a Family Guy movie, and MacFarlane says "it’s just a matter of when." He recently visited UCLA and talked about the potential film, telling a group of college kids (via /Film) that he's come up with a plan for the film saying,

We do know what the Family Guy movie will be. The Simpsons movie, I thought, was hilarious, but the one criticism I would have is that it’s a story they probably could’ve done on TV. There could’ve been an episode that had that plotline. That’s the challenge with animation. You pretty much can do any story you want, so what is the reason for the movie? We finally hit on the answer to that question, and it will be something that would be impossible to do on TV.

As much as I enjoyed The Simpsons movie, he makes a great point! The Simpsons movie stuck with the TV formula, but they could have taken it to a whole new level, and it sounds like MacFarlane is going to do just that when he brings Family Guy to the big screen. 

He didn't offer any information on what the story would be, but I imagine he wants to take it to epic levels. I loved what he did with Star Wars and in the Family Guy specials, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for this movie he wants to do. As for when and how it will happen he says,

It’s hard to do that while you have the series going on at the same time. I think that’s why it took The Simpsons 20 seasons to figure out how to do it.

MacFarlane is at a prime position in his career right now, especially after his live-action comedy Ted brought in over $500 million. He could really do anything he wants, but the guy has got so much going on right now that I'm sure he just doesn't have the time. When he does end up making the movie, I'll be there to watch it.

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