Must Watch Thrilling Short Film THE SECRET NUMBER

Not all short films have to have impressive special effects to make them great. I love coming across short films, and we've featured a few that ended up getting picked up by studios. Some have been good, others have been mediocre. I still think there's a belief out there that special effects make a story better, I don't believe that. What makes a film great is a solid story and script. Sure, special effects give us some eye candy, but it's pointless if the story is shallow. 

Here's an awesome live-action short film called The Secret Number with a solid story that doesn't rely on special effects. It was created over a period of two years by a team of young filmmakers from the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was directed by Colin Levy, and it's based on the short story by Igor Teper. It's a really refreshing short film that I think most of you will like. 

Here's the synopsis:

Dr. Tomlin, a psychiatrist, has a disturbing conversation with one of his patients – a brilliant number theorist hell-bent on proving the existence of “bleem,” a secret integer between three and four. 

Absurd as it may be, Tomlin can't shake the idea. After a particularly troubling psychiatric session, Tomlin begins to dig deeper into the nature of his patient's delusion - but only uncovers more questions. When the mathematician mysteriously disappears from the hospital, Tomlin rushes into the hospital to behold a final message -- confirming his hunch that their fates are deeply entwined.

I hope you enjoy this short. When you're finished watching it let us know what you think!

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