Amazingly Cool R2-D2 Themed Vespa

HumorPhotos R2-D2 by Joey Paur

Check out this incredibly cool custom made R2-D2 themed Vespa created by Morgan, a fifth grade school teacher and obvious Star Wars geek. Here's a note from its creator,

I am a fifth grade teacher/SW nerd, and I recently converted my Vespa that I ride into work every day to look like the one and only R2. This was done with adhesive vinyl, some meticulous cutting and a 12-pack of beer. It gets a lot of looks and thumbs up, and often times while I am sitting at a stop light someone crossing the street will pause to take notice. The rear trunk is a real vintage piece and I removed the original faded travel stickers and replaced them with various retro style Star Wars art and posters that I found on the internet.

If I had any Star Wars geeks as teachers, I never knew it. As I think back at all the teachers I had in school growing up, they all seemed pretty dull. Did you ever have a hardcore geeky school teacher? What do you think of the Star Wars Vespa makeover? 

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