HALO 4: Sideshow's New Premium Format Statue Brings Cortana to Life

At least in a matter of speaking. HALO's resident A.I. will be the newest addition to the Premium Format line of statues, and while just a teaser, its looking good so far. One thing I'm eager to see is the finished base, and that might sound weird initially but here is why: The Premium Format line is expensive, but one of the reasons for that is the sheer scale of them, as they normally range from 16" to 22" tall. They also use actual fabric & material for the costumes, accessories, etc. The thing is, Cortana has almost none of that. Her costume is basically painted on (she is a hologram after all) and she doesn't really have any accessories that jump out at me. Yes it's great to have an amazing statue, but if I'm paying a premium for this line anyway it does kind of seem like an odd choice. Not saying she doesn't deserve a statue, just not sure she's the best pick for the line.

As always, I'll wait to pass final judgement 'till I see the complete package, but what do you guys think? Anyone considering a pre-order? Let us know in the comments!

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