STAR WARS Universe Theme Park Design and Illustrations

Art Star Wars by Joey Paur

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I have no doubt that Disney will be implementing more Star Wars attractions into their theme parks, and a lot of people speculate that one day we'll see a full on Star Wars Land section of the park. Hell! Maybe Star Wars will end up getting its own full theme park one day!

Above is a fun Star Wars theme park design that created by freelance artist Tom Hodges who's worked for Lucasfilm on various projects over the years. It was created a couple years ago for Orlando's Star Wars Celebration V. These aren't actual plans for a theme park, just something he did for the hell of it at the time. The map is based off an old 1966 Disneyland map. 

Here's what Hodges had to say about George Lucas, the Disney deal and his artwork,

I’ve always looked at George Lucas as a modern-day Walt Disney. I always thought this was something that should’ve been done a long time ago, but I found out when I was doing the map that Disney had a contract with Lucasfilm that they could not put a Star Wars theme park in a country that has a Disney park. But now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, the sky is the limit.

Yes it is, now let's see that theme park actually happen! What do you think of the designs? Do you think Disney will ever make a standalone Star Wars theme park? 

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