THE WALKING DEAD: A Eulogy To A Fallen Hero (Spoiler)

We are gathered here today to honor the life of a truly beloved character of the show. Some of you knew him as Theodore Douglas, but most of you knew him as T-Dog.  He was a quiet man, who only spoke to fill a silence, or perhaps, to recommend how to dispose of corpses.  He overcame a near fatal arm injury, a zombified world and adversity, all with silence and a stern stare. 

So who was T-Dog exactly? Who among us can testify to his morality, his past, or his final heroic moments on this earth? The sad truth is, no one. Sad to say that T-Dog was never forthcoming about his life, nor was he one who spoke up when trouble started among the group. There were times in fact, that his silence was so well documented, that one might mistake him for not being present. In his death, he left the same way he entered each and everyone one of our lives -- in ambiguity with a giant shadow cast over his remarkable act of courage.

T-Dog shall be remembered as a silent hero none the less. He was seen as a man who never backed down in the face of danger. He sacrificed himself for a bunch of strangers to whom he had no emotional attachment or bonds to in any way. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, or a bullet to anyone in trouble. 

And so we salute the silent guardian of the survivors and champion his life as an example to all those that knew him. Rest in peace Theodore Douglas... rest in peace.

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