Video of Mark Hamill Talking About STAR WARS Episode VII in 1983

Here's an interestingly cool interview with Mark Hamill that was conducted by Maria Shriver back in 1983, and in it he talks about Star Wars Episode VII, and addresses the return of Luke Skywalker. 

In the interview Shriver asks Mark if it was true that he was hired to reprise his role as Luke 18 years in the future, from the time of the interview. To which he replies, "ya see, it's either going to be on another plain of existence or not the same character, and I can't really tell you why without getting into any sensitive material." 

It's kind of crazy to see how far in advance these stories were planned out, and that there actually was a plan to bring Skywalker back, a plan that looks like it is finally going to be followed through with! How awesome is that?! Check out the interview, and hit us up with your thoughts on it!

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