ASSASSINS CREED 3: Someone Just Made Connor's Hit List

At least it looks that way in this rendition of AC:3's featured Assassin. Cris Delara has some done some amazing artwork in the past, and her take on Connor is no different. The weather effects in this piece are quite stunning, and help to add a sense of motion to everything. The trees and mountains give it a nice degree of depth as well. When it comes to Connor himself, the realistic texture of his costume is extremely well done. The gloves give off the impression of hyde or leather, and the textures on his bow & hatchet are aged and battleworn. Overall this is supremely cool, and I would love to see her take on the other assassins from the series.

Cris Delara's gallery features a variety of great work, so if you like what you see make sure to give her gallery a looksee.