What Studios Control Which Film Franchises - Infographic

Movie by Joey Paur

After Disney went and bought Lucasfilm -- home of the Star Wars franchise -- from George Lucas, Empire created this interesting infographic that breaks down which film franchises are owned by which studios. There's still seems to be a little confusion over what properties Marvel actually owns, but for those of you who haven't been paying attention, this should clear things up for you. 

With the news that Disney has bought Lucasfilm, it's time to take a glance at the current state of play as regards franchises in Hollywood. Who distributes which film series? It's interesting to see which studios control which characters, if only so that the business-minded among you can mentally keep score at the box office each year. In terms of defining this lot, we've listed franchises that have had recent entries or which have left the door open to future instalments, so we've included Pirates Of The Caribbean, which could possibly return, but left out Harry Potter and The Matrix, which appear thoroughly wrapped up. A few of these are yet to prove their franchise status - Jack Reacher, for instance – but are being designed to fit that bill, and if in doubt we've listed the UK rather than US distributor because Rule Britannia and all that. Here's the state of play...

What would you say your favorite movie franchise is? 

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